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Coaching Offers for Executives and Entrepreneurs

Business and Executive Coaching

You are looking to re-evaluate tricky situations because you want to have more options and make better decisions.  You are looking to enhance your ability to persuade your clients and motivate your staff.

You are looking for a coach with business acumen and understanding of the challenges of leadership.  You look for a sparring partner who is able to meet you at your level and challenge you with your best interest in mind.

Individual Coaching

Individual, intensive coaching can support you reaching your personal and professional goals and targets and reach your full potential.  This may include:

  • Develop your potential
  • Manage personal transitions (onboarding, promotion, lateral career move, new project, international assignment, exit planning, etc.)
  • Enhance leadership capabilities (develop strategy, set objectives, etc.)
  • Improve people management (motivate your team, manage conflicts, on-board new hires, develop underperformers etc.)
  • Proactively navigate change (restructurings, changes in strategy, succession management)
  • Improve your work-life balance and manage your personal relationships (Family etc.)

Individual coaching gives you tools to develop yourself and lead your teams in a better way. You can develop your strengths, fix weaknesses, and work around limitations to create new and effective performances and achieve personal fulfilment.

Business and Executive Coaching – Offers

  • Our Executive Coaching Plan offers you a bespoke coaching and personality development program, which supports you for a defined timeframe (usually a couple of months).  You can regain your personal power and bring step-by-step sustainable change into your personal and professional life.
  • Success Coaching – one or few shorter sessions – can support you in solving a specific problem (e.g., business conflicts, setting proper goals, make a decision, or prepare an important meeting).
  • Break-Through-Coaching – one deep session – can help you solving more fundamental internal blockages, resolve target and loyalty conflicts, and change limiting emotional states.  This includes, for example, motivational problems, work-life-balance, value conflicts etc.  Objective of the session is perceivable progress in your emotions and ability to act.
  • An Organizational and Systems Constellation can help you gaining a deeper understanding for problem situations and new solutions.  Relevant organizational and other system relationships are considered in analyzing the problem.  Subsequently new and often surprising solutions are derived or devised. Such constellations can be performed either in an individual or group setting.
  • Family Constellation is well suited for family businesses entrepreneurs to investigate family influences to the business and find new solutions for conflicts. Topics include succession issues, competency- and strategy conflicts within the family etc. Again the can be done in an individual coaching and in a group seminar.

Coaching Offers for Leaders and High Achievers