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Coaching and Personal Development

You want to achieve specific results, be it in your job, your private life, or your relationship. For you, finding a solution is more important than analysis of the problem.

You are looking for an empathic coach, who is able to support you in clearing the obstacles.  You would like to take responsibility for your life and make steps necessary to get the results you want.

Individualized Coaching

Individualized intensive coaching sessions can help you reaching your personal goals

  • Success Coaching can support you in solving a specific problem (family or business conflicts, setting proper goals, make a decision or prepare important situations).
  • Break-Through-Coaching – one deeper session – can help you solving more fundamental internal blockages, resolve target and loyalty conflicts, and change limiting emotional states. This includes, for example, motivational problems, work-life-balance questions, value conflicts, finding your life purpose, personal crisis, etc. The objective of a session is perceivable progress in your emotions and ability to act.
  • Conflict Coaching prepares you for dealing effectively with conflicts.  You learn to let go emotionally conflicts and people which do not serve you, you learn to defend yourself appropriately and you learn to proactively approach and solve necessary conflicts
  • Family Constellations can consider your personal history and relevant family relationships (your parents and grandparents and your current family) when analysing the problem.  Subsequently new and often surprising solutions are derived or devised. Such constellations can be performed either in an individual or group setting.

Coaching Offers for Leaders and High Achievers