Systemic Constellations and Family Constellations in Frankfurt

Systemic Constellations Seminars – Our Approach

In our seminars we conduct family constellations, systems constellations and organisational constellations.  Goal of all constellation methods is a new glance at the “bigger picture” – be it your family of origin, your current family, your company or matters or health and disease.

Solid Methodology – Careful application

Our constellation work is based on the classic family constellations of Bert Hellinger and the systemic structure constellations of Matthias Varga v. Kibéd. Ware are familiar with the newest insights of all schools of constellations – and chose carefully the right method for each topic.

You as our client and your needs are the most important in anything we do.  We chose carefully the right method and apply it attentively and observantly.  We take care to ensure that we find the right solutions and next steps for your topics.

New view point – New Insights

In order to understand systemic interrelationships we simulate the relevant system (i.e. your organization and its clients, your team at work, your family etc.) based on your imagination of the situation.  This simulation is then called a system constellation.  In a confidential one-on-one setting this constellation is done by using abstract figures or in a seminar using real life representatives.

Looking at the constellation (relative positions and reactions of the representatives) and exploration of the situation reveals relevant system dynamics.  Interestingly this brings to light additional important interrelationships. This shows how problems are caused by the interrelationships within the system (systemic enmeshment).

New Perspectives and Emotional Release

A constellation facilitates a new perspective on your relationships and problem situations.  This new glance can free bound powers,

Moreover a constellation may touch you immediately emotionally.  You can finally let go of old emotions.  This can bring about truly new understands on the rational level as well.  You can become once again the co-creator of your world and your relationships.

Fresh Solutions with Sense and Sensibility

Fresh insight and changed emotional perception are key for new and often surprising solutions, which inspire deep reorientation processes and personal change.

Based on such understandings we work with you on an individual solution for your topics.  Such solutions often sparkle with clarity and change important system dynamics.  This enables you to reach your goals.

In this way you win new power and freedom to deal with the situation differently and make specific changes to your life.

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