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Structured Work for Sustainable Results

Executive Coaching Plan

The Executive Coaching Plan applies professional athletic coaching methodologies to improve your performance in your job or business.

If you ever played a sport to get good at it or learned a musical instrument, you know that progress takes time and effort.  And you know that progress is not linear.  Plateaus and dips in performance are inevitable in a successful learning curve.

Therefore, professional athletes hire a regular coach, who supports them improving their performance and staying competitive.  A coach who guides them, doing all the right day-to-day actions, which, after a few months, make a huge difference in performance.

Getting outstanding results requires regular steps over a longer time frame.

Bespoke Coaching Solutions

The Executive Coaching Plan will be tailor made for your needs.  Based on a thorough assessment of your positioning, we devise a plan to achieve your individual objectives.  Instead chasing urgent problems, you take a structured and planned approach.

Regular coaching over the next six months will support you in achieving your personal and professional goals in a sustainable way and help you navigating elegantly around the obstacles.  The Executive Coaching Plan enables you getting to the root of your issues and pursuing solutions in a sustainable way.  This requires both letting go old limitations and building new habits.  As a result you can build strong momentum for habitual success.

The Executive Coaching Plan is your commitment to getting results to transform your business performance and your life quality.

An Executive Coaching Programme will developed specifically for you!

What are your goals for regular coaching?

The Executive Coaching Plan is best suited for topics that require continuous implementation (in your work situation or your life). Typical topics comprise:

  • Performance enhancement
  • Improving Work-Life Balance
  • Enhancing your corporate positioning
  • Optimal positioning when starting a new job
  • Positioning in internal power struggles
  • New self-definition
  • Planning a self-directed exit
  • Reorientation
  • Finding new professional objectives and direction
  • Outplacement support

You will decide which targets you set and in which areas of your life you need support.

Scope of the Executive Coaching Plan

The Executive Coaching Plan is something tailor-made to your needs.  A typical plan comprises:

  • Analysis of your positioning (professional / private)
  • Defining topics and objectives (professional / private)
  • Agreement of an intervention plan
  • Topical coaching sessions (once per month)
  • Break through coaching sessions (every 2 months) – i.e., 3 sessions in 6 months.
  • Organizational or systems constellations (every 2 months) – i.e., 3 sessions in 6 months.
  • Skype or phone sessions, when you are on the road
  • Regular support by email
  • Regular support for your steps to your goals
  • Preparation of important meetings
  • Weekly progress monitoring
  • Steering you regarding other self-improvement measures (e.g., health and fitness / physical body work / work-life balance)
  • Participation in all group workshops / seminars

Your Investment for Personal Growth

The plan will be tailor-made for you.  We are happy to provide you an individualized offer.

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