Erfolgscoaching, Success Coaching

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Success Coaching for Better Results

You want results, you want measurable success, you want to achieve excellence. Whether you are working on a specific challenge, would like to improve your performance, or need a professional “second opinion”, individual coaching can engage your thoughts and enable you to move forward and get results.

More Success: Finding Solutions through Coaching

Individual coaching focuses on a specific topic you would like to solve.  The objective of a session is identifying relevant steps toward a solution. This enables you to reach your goals and progress professionally.  You can enjoy your success, because you can reach it with ease.  You can follow your own way without undue compromise.

Coaching Topics: What Results Do You Need?

  • Setting of personal goals
  • Preparation of key meetings (clients, superiors, employees, etc.)
  • Decide and implement a difficult decision
  • Increase motivation
  • Resolving conflicts with superiors, colleagues, and employees
  • Dealing with difficult people / situations

Quick Results: How long does a session last?

We focus you on the solution and target quick results: Narrow topics can often be solved within 1-1½ hours.  If a more intensive process is required, a session could last up to 2 ½ hours.

If additional topics come up, usually a second session is agreed upon.  For complex or multi-layered topics a client specific plan for three to five sessions can be agreed upon.

Your Investment / Fee

The coaching fee for a success coaching is based on the length of the session.  The hourly rate is € 100 plus VAT.

You only pay for the time you actually spend with me!

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