Systemaufstellungen / Systemisches Coaching / Familienaufstellung

Inner Clarity and Growth by Understanding the Whole System

Systemic Coaching and Systems Constellations – Topics

Solving your concerns often requires a fresh look at your situation. In systemic coaching and systems constellations one sees the individual embedded into larger systems (organization, family, etc.) and considers the dynamic of these systems.

Topics may concern organizational, professional or family issues or your personal life story.  You can explore the situation and find better alternatives.

This enables you to achieve quantum leaps:

  • Do you want more success in your job or make a significant step forward?
  • Do you want to improve your positioning or manage power dynamics efficiently?
  • You want to create your personal relationships differently?
  • Do you want to start something new or release your brakes internally?

You will develop powerful new solutions and can facilitate sustainable change of your relationships!

Systems constellations facilitate new insights and quantum leaps for your development!

Systemic Coaching and Systemic Constellations for all Topics

Personal Topics

  • Recurring problem situations
  • Important decisions
  • Problems at work / changing jobs
  • Life crisis and finding meaning in life
  • Mourning and grief, saying goodbye
  • Emotional burdens
  • Irritating behavioral patterns
  • Internal conflicts
  • Difficulties allowing certain emotions
  • Unclear bodily symptoms and moods

Relationship Topics

  • Difficulties in relationships
  • Family conflicts
  • Relationship to own parents or own children
  • Separation and divorce
  • Difficulty allowing closeness
  • Healing wounds from old partnerships

Management Themen

  • Managerial / entrepreneurial decisions
  • Conflicts within the company
  • Conflicts with certain employees / superiors / colleagues
  • Simulation of planned restructurings
  • Relationship to important stakeholders (customers / owners / board of directors / employees / unions etc.)

You can find new insights through constellation work – for almost any topic!

Systemic Coaching and Systemic Constellations – Offers

Systemic thinking and understanding enables powerful individual breakthroughs and successful organizational rearrangements.  Rebuilding relationships is the basis for sustainable improvements.

We offer you classical systemic methods as well as systems constellations / family constellations (in individual coaching setting or in a group seminar setting).

Systemic Solutions in Confidential Individual Setting (all topics)

We offer you systemic coaching as part of an Individual Coaching Session or as part of a Breakthrough Coachings. The single setting is well suited for executives, leaders and decision makers, because you can first clarify a decision for yourself before involving other people.

Open Systemic Constellation Seminars (all topics)

Our monthly systemic constellation seminars comprise – depending of the topic of our clients – a combination of systems constellations, family constellations and organizational constellations.  Working with real people as representatives these seminars yield particularly interesting insights.  In our constellation seminars all topics can be addressed.  This includes personal, professional and entrepreneurial topics as well as organizational topics such as corporate restructurings and reorganisations.

In-house Organisational Constellations

For corporations and organizations we offer company specific Organisational constellations.  Narrow topics topics can be solved as part of our open constellation seminars.  For complex situations we offer organisational constellation days and in-house constellations seminars.  For this we offer bringing together experienced representatives to ensure an insightful and swift process.

Coaching Offers for Leaders and High Achievers