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Constellations with Game Pieces

Constellation figures on a system board - new perspectives

Confidential Constellations with Figures

Systemic coaching for family businesses and organisational constellations can be carried out with the help of system figures in confidential individual coaching. This enables a quick overview and solution of complex issues.

How do constellations with figures work?

In these figure constellations, figures are used as representatives for those involved. As a client, you place the figures on the system board according to your inner image. Assessments and feelings are not expressed by representatives (other seminar participants), but you place yourself directly in the other person. Based on the constellation picture, the coach supports you in evaluating scenarios generating solutions.

Figure constellations have a number of advantages compared to group settings:

Particularly Confidential Constellations

Many people prefer to discuss “sensitive issues” in private. Figure constellations in confidential individual coaching are particularly suitable for this.

In the case of business issues, company secrets or other people (e.g. employees / customers) to whom you are obligated to maintain confidentiality are often affected. Showing “weaknesses” openly in front of others could be disadvantageous in the company or in competition. In this case, figure constellations offer you a particularly confidential alternative to constellation seminars. It is also possible to work completely concealed.

Precise Work with Your Inner Image

Figure constellations are a very precise tool to analyze your inner picture and the relevant facts. Together with the coach, you involve new people and information step by step and thus develop solutions for your concerns.

The coaching stays close to your concerns and the relevant facts as well as your assessment of the situation. This means that the solution can be connected directly to you.

Quick Overview – Quick Solutions

The lineups with figures give you a quick overview of the entire system. Both the “big picture” and the details come into view and are sufficiently effective. – The “bird’s eye view” creates new insights and freedom of action.

With figures on the system board, you can take a look at the entire situation together with the coach. You work out individual relationships and dependencies step by step and develop solutions for complex situations.

Ideal for Management and Business Topics

With the help of figures, both external and internal influencing factors and global issues can be set up, especially for management and business topics.

  • External influencing factors are, for example: management issues and teamwork, roles and task descriptions, reporting lines, conflicts between people or parts of the company, etc.
  • Internal influencing factors are e.g.: motivation, internal contradictions, internal blocks to action, family requirements, etc.
  • Organisational dynamics: e.g. corporate history, internal politics, power games, influence of founding families etc.
  • Overarching issues are e.g.: corporate strategy, customer relationships, role of the company founder

In addition, especially in family businesses, family issues and entanglements that overlay the organizational issues often have to be considered.

Leadership Topics – Constellations for Leaders and Decision Makers

Figure constellations have proven to be a productive tool in executive coaching:  For executives and managers at all hierarchical levels, it is often a matter of positioning in the organisation and clarifying roles. When roles and responsibilities are clearly and congruently agreed and lived out in this way, managers and their employees can be effective.

Figure constellations can support you – in the relationship with your employees, with your superiors or with customers / business partners

Constellations for all Types of Organizations

All types of organizational set-ups can be reviewed efficiently and quickly with the help of figures. Complex structures, relationships, stakeholder conflicts and powerful individuals come into focus. In addition, the organizational memory and specific cultural characteristics are brought into consciousness and made accessible to one’s own influence.

  • Large companies (e.g. branched international groups of companies or heterogeneous conglomerates): Complex hierarchies, matrix structures and different cultures can be mapped efficiently. You can look at individual parts of the company as well as the big picture.
  • Family owned businesses: In addition to typical management and organisational issues, family dynamics, the development over the generations and the influence of family branches can be considered. The roles of the founding families and the mingling of family and business can be disentangled.
  • Non-profit organisations (e.g. NGOs, public administrations, associations and political organisations): Funding structure, organisational goals, power dynamics, and other special features of non-profit organisations can be effectively mapped.

Hard facts and emotions have equal space

After proper clarification of the facts, your emotions (and the emotions of others) can be included in the solution or decision-making process.

Facts, information and structures can be clearly depicted, especially in business constellations. In addition, you can empathise with the relevant people and thus directly perceive the perspective of the other person and their emotional situation.

At the same time, your emotions have a good place. In confidential individual coaching there is time to feel your feelings and to process them both emotionally and cognitively. This is particularly important when it comes to private and family matters.

Fast Development of Concrete Steps Towards a Solution

New insights and a new feeling for the situation are often not enough. – It is necessary to develop and prepare concrete action strategies and next steps. You will be supported by your coach. The solutions developed with the help of the system board and figures can be transferred directly from the coaching discussion to reality.

You understand your options for action and develop good next steps for the solution. Critical situations can be prepared and practiced in role play with the coach.

Simply Documentation of the Solution Steps and Results

In a constellation with figures, you can document the intermediate steps to the solution and the solution image with photos and take them home with you.

The documentation makes it possible to clearly understand what has been worked out. This creates a lasting impression and you can better plan specific solution steps.

The documentation makes it possible to clearly understand what has been worked out. This creates a lasting impression and you can better plan specific solution steps.

Individual Arrangement and Swift Timing

A constellation of figures typically takes between one and three hours, depending on the complexity of the issue.

Working in an individual setting thus requires significantly less time than a constellation seminar. You can arrange an appointment individually and are not dependent on waiting for the next assembly day or blocking a whole weekend for attending the seminar.

In this way you can quickly get an appointment for a family constellation with figures or you can solve your urgent business issues with figures in a timely manner.

Individual Figure Constellations in Frankfurt

We offer organisational constellations and family constellations with figures as part of individual coaching. Appointments take place in Frankfurt by arrangement. If you are interested in coaching or would like to have a preliminary talk, please contact me by phone on 0163 7884 239 or by email using the contact form.