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Team Coaching for a successful team -  Team spirit - Team-Building

Making teamwork more effective involves a deeper understanding of personality structures, team dynamics, communication patterns, and shared goals. We offer you bespoke workshops and individualised coaching to address the challenges and dynamics within your team.

Coaching for Team Performance and Cooperation

Effective teamwork is essential for the success of your organisation. Building and maintaining high-performing teams means finding the right individuals, ensuring that conflicts are resolved productively and a efficient team culture is being developed.

  • A Team Workshop supports you to establish a common language and team-culture and develop a plan to improve performance. This will involve clarifying roles and responsibilities within the team as well as expectations.
  • With a Team Workshop you can improve teamwork and collaboration, resolve conflicts, build trust and increase productivity. It can help you implementing restructurings and reorganisations.
  • Complementary to a group workshop Individual Coaching for team members can address individual concerns and specific topics.

Enhanced collaboration, increased cohesion, and a shared sense of purpose improve team effectiveness.

Reasons for a Team Coaching

  • Challenging situations & conflicts
  • Difficult team members or colleagues
  • Ineffective communication
  • Lack trust and respect
  • Lack of team identity and common culture
  • Problematic external perception
  • Unclear roles / structure
  • Lack of alignment with organisational goals
  • Organisational changes and restructuring

Team Coaching Objectives

  • Establish clear leadership, team structure and team roles
  • Clarify goals and align the team’s goals with the organisation
  • Set clear expectations and accountability
  • Build trust by addressing and resolving conflicts
  • Motivate and inspire team members
  • Enhance self reflection and self understanding
  • Establish of common language to talk about and work with personality differences
  • Build a clear team identity and culture
  • Provide guidance and support for team members

Procedure for team coaching

A well-planned and facilitated team workshop can enhance a team’s performance and effectiveness. This includes improved communication, collaboration, and alignment with organisational goals.

Preparation and Process of a Team Workshop

  1. Pre-discussions about objectives and setting
    • Clarification of your objectives for the workshop
    • Determining the proper setting (time required, location, framework programme)
  2. Preparation of a workshop concept
  3. Analysis of team structure
    • Further discussions with relevant team members
    • Create personality profiles of team members
  4. Conduct the workshop
    • Introduction to the personality model
    • Small group work
    • Clarification of specific topics / conflicts
  5. Follow-ups
    • Debriefing with team head / HR
    • Individual 1:1 discussions
    • Topical deepening of the personality model

Process & Methodology

  • Individual discussions with leadership / core team members
  • 360 Degree interviews
  • Personality profiles
  • Self reflection
  • Organisational and systems analysis
  • Analysis of important relationships and conflicts
  • Processing of emotions and sensations
  • Aligning for inner clarity
  • Feedback and sparring
  • Team agreement

Possible Workshop Formats

We facilitate customised team coaching workshops for you and offer the following formats:

  • Half-day workshop
  • Day workshop
  • 2-day workshop
  • Weekend Workshop
  • Off-site (usually a conference hotel)
  • On-site (your office)

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