Understand the System – Decide Forcefully

Organizational Constellations

Organizational constellations are a powerful method to gain a deep understanding of urgent issues, personal relationships and habitual patterns in corporations.  A constellation considers involved people, corporate entities and other influences and identifies the relevant dynamics.

Particular strengths of the method are

  • Systems Analysis and Search for Solutions
  • Simulation of decision alternatives

An organizational constellation can yield new insights into the situation. Moreover a cost effective and quick simulation of alternative scenarios is easily possible.  Situation analysis and simulation of alternatives form the basis for new solutions and forceful entrepreneurial decisions.

Gain a quick overview about complex situations, in situations with information overload and if you need to prepare the reaction of others

Organizational Constellation – Typical Topics

Organisational constellations are a tool for systems analysis and simulation of decision alternatives in corporations and organizations (including associations, clubs, churches, political parties, etc.).  During the constellation the current situation can be reviewed and alternative decisions / solutions can be tested.

Simulation of Entrepreneurial Decisions

  • Entrepreneurial decisions
  • Strategy and corporate goals
  • Restructurings / simulation of corporate rearrangements
  • Marketing and choice of offerings
  • Mergers & Acquisitions / Post Merger Integration
  • Selection of key talent
  • Corporate succession issues (leadership succession / ownership succession)
  • Relationships to important stakeholders (customers / owners / board of directors / employee representatives / unions, etc.)
  • Family businesses: Impact of family dynamics for the business

All kinds of entrepreneurial decisions can be simulated quickly and with precision

Conflict Resolution within the Corporation / at the Workplace

  • Internal conflicts and power struggles
  • Conflicts within teams or between corporate entities
  • Conflicts with employee representatives
  • Optimizing your positioning and preparation for reactions of other players

Organizational constellations can help positioning you best in conflicts and help finding good solutions

Set-up of an Organizational Constellation

Typically and organisational constellation is performed for decision makers and leaders. One relevant area is chosen, which can either be influenced or which is of particular concern.

After you have described the topics and the desired outcome of the coaching process, key elements and influences are identified.  This may include relevant people and organizational entities, customers, suppliers, owners, lenders, competitors, markets etc.

Subsequently you chose representatives (in seminars / workshops) or system figures (in individual setting) and place them spatially according to your inner image of the situation.

Optimal Preparation for Decisions

The constellation process reveals hidden dynamics between the elements and factors visible (e.g. relationships, conflicts, leadership topics etc.).  On this basis new solutions can be worked out and tested – preparing your decisions in real life.

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