Executive Coach & Trainer

Volker Dammann

Clockwork, symbol for Executive Coaching Methodology

Leadership & Business

20 years’ leadership experience in financial institutions & Private Equity

  • Work experience in Frankfurt and London
  • Banking Apprenticeship
  • 13 years experience as Investment Banker
  • 5 years experience as Private Equity Professional
  • MBA International Management (Thunderbird, Global School of Management, USA)

Coaching & Psychotherapy

More than 10 years’ experience as coach & trainer

  • Certified Systemic Coach (European Business School)
  • Certified Master Practitioner Neurolinguistic Programming (powerful solution oriented coaching methodologies)
  • Certified Bodynamic® Practitioner, Therapist & Supervisor (body-oriented developmental psychology and psychotherapy)
  • Certified Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (body-oriented therapeutic model to work with trauma)

Psychometric Tools

Proficient in evidence based tools for personality assessment & team development

  • Insights MDI® – Master Accreditation
  • Insights Discovery® – Insights Discovery Licensed Practitioner
  • Lumina Learning® – Lumina Spark Certified Practitioner
  • LINC® – LINC Personality Profiler – Certified Coach
  • Big 5 Aspect Scale

My Way into Executive Coaching and Psychotherapy

After training as a banker, studying business administration in Germany and completing a masters programme in the US (Graduation 1998: MBA International Management) I worked for 12 years at leading international banks in London and Frankfurt, most recently as Director Corporate Finance / Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) at Rothschild in Frankfurt. Subsequently, I worked for 5 years at a large-cap private equity fund in London, most recently as Managing Director with responsibility for European insurance and financial institutions.

From 2001-2012 I completed trainings in a number of coaching approaches (see complete list here) and set-up shop as an executive coach and trainer in 2012.

I quickly learned “A problem rarely comes alone” – most issues executives face are at the intersection between organisational issues, interpersonal relationships and personality preferences. If problems pile up in one area of life (e.g. stress at work), they may affect other areas and vice versa.

In order to get to the root cause and finding the solution, it is necessary to look at the situation from very different perspectives.

Solving problems requires an integral approach.

This lead me to learning about systemic coaching (looking at issues beyond the individual – family / organisation etc.) and personality (traits, preferences and how to change it). It became clear that talking and working with the mind and imagination is not enough – Emotions and how they life in the body and the mind are very important.

Therefore I got more and more interested how the past and past traumatic events are affecting the present and how the past is stored in the body. And how bodily and emotional reactions today are often an echo of past events. Which lead me to deepen into developmental somatic psychology (Bodynamic system) as well as trauma therapy approaches (particularly Somatic Experiencing).

Applying an integral approach means working with the mind, emotions, the nervous and the muscular system. Finding solutions means looking at the individual, the personal life history as well as habits, relationships and organisational systems.

Coaching Specialisation

My offer includes intensive coaching, systemic constellations and personality training. As a coach, I support executives, entrepreneurs and high potentials in achieving specific results. The focus is on success, self-confidence, conflict and relationship issues. After my many years of experience working with large companies, I also offer team coaching and organizational constellations for complex situations and issues.

By combining different methods, I can explore the topic with the client in a targeted manner and find out how facts, emotions and body sensations are related. This allows the use of different interventions: These often represent a combination of re-understanding the situation, understanding one’s own emotional reactions, imagination exercises and physical exercises.

The aim of coaching is to gain a fresh understanding of reality and to experience it in a different emotional, physical, and interpersonal manner. Based on this foundation, individuals can let go of old patterns of behaviour and experiences, and acquire new freedom of action.

The aim of executive coaching is to enable pragmatic solutions in the here and now.