My Positioning as Executive and Business Coach

As a systemic coach and consultant I support high performers in making their life first priority. This includes setting objectives, clearing roadblocks and conflicts and pursue goals efficiently.

My coaching always serves a specific purpose and rarely lasts more than a few sessions.  Many topics can be moved forward in just one deep session.

My Coaching Concept

Coaching is supporting your individual needs and pursuits. Coaching is assisting you to take care of yourself and support you so that you can act decicively and efficiently.  Coaching can enhance your performance and support optimizing something which is already good or solve blockages and remove problems.  Often a combination of different methodologies is most effective.

Your Objectives Determine My Work

Starting point for each coaching session are your objectives.  You want a solution for your topics. - My goal is to help you efficiently and effectively.  In this way you can solve your situation swiftly, achieve your goals and shape your own future.

Adding Value to Your Personal Evolution

You find in me a personal sparring partner, who can trigger and support your personal change and growth process, someone who helps you transforming crisis into sustainable success and fulfillment for you and your family.

I combine business acumen and my long lasting experience as an advisor of top executives and board members with my knowledge in people management and specific coaching knowledge.

Powerful Methods for Your Development

Based on personal trust and deep understanding of your challenges, I work pragmatically, goal oriented and provocatively.
Coaching interventions will be tailored to your needs and topics.

I use the following coaching and consulting methods:

  • Solution-oriented coaching
  • Systemic-constructivist coaching 
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Systemic constellations
  • Family constellations 
  • Work with inner parts
  • Inner child work (M. Paul)
  • Provocative interventions
  • Imagination work
  • Behavioural training / tasking
  • Focusing (E. Gendlin / A. Weiser Cornell)
  • Body Psychotherapy (Bodynamic™)
  • Character Structure Development (Bodynamic™)
  • Ego-Functions (Bodynamic™)

In addition, I use the following approaches to explore deeper layers of meaning, sense of direction and motivation:

  • Identity Development (Bodynamic™ / R. Kegan / E. Erikson)
  • Analysis and alignment of personal value systems (NLP)
  • Analysis and change of limiting believes (R.B. Dilts / K. Grochowiak / NLP)
  • Analysis of unconscious life scripts (E. Berne)
  • Archetypes of the collective unconscious (C.G. Jung, R. Moore, J. Peterson)
  • Spiral Dynamics™ (C. Graves, D. Beck, C. Cowan)
  • Integral coaching (K. Wilber)

Coaching Offers for Expatriates and International Executives

I have strong experience working with expatriates and European executives outside Germany.  All offers - coaching, training, workshops, systems constellations etc. - are available in German and English.

My Experience and Training

After training as a banker, studying business administration in Germany and completing an MBA in the US (Degree: MBA International Management) I worked for 12 years at leading international banks in London and Frankfurt, most recently as Director Corporate Finance / Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) covering the European insurance sector at Rothschild.

Since 2003 I trained as NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer (ITA NLP) as well as Systemic Coach (European Business School).  Since 2006 I work as a trainer and Coach specializing in confidence-, success- and relationship-topics.  

In recent years I specialized in coaching leaders, entrepreneurs and high-potentials to achieve specific results. My offering includes immersion coaching, systemic constellations and personality trainings for business success and personal fulfillment.  Based on my long experience working with large companies, I offer organisational constellations for complex situations.