Authentic, Female & Successful

Coaching for Female Leaders

Coaching for Female Leaders - Successful woman as a business leader

Ignite your leadership journey with our coaching program tailored for female executives and business leaders. Embrace your unique strengths, amplify your ideas, and cultivate your presence in the corporate world. Obtain personalized guidance to master challenges, overcome obstacles, foster professional growth, and achieve success on your terms.

Your Situation & Objectives

You are a woman on a career path, perhaps in a traditionally male-dominated industry. You want to pursue both your professional and personal goals in a way that suits your situation and personality. Perhaps you have recently been promoted, accepted a new challenge or are looking to reposition yourself.

You are looking for a coach with business acumen and an understanding of the challenges women face in the workplace. You are looking for someone who can include both the male and female perspectives on your situation, someone who can provide an outside view and support you in your best interest.

Your Coaching Goals

You want to compete better in the workplace and learn the new skills needed to be more effective. You look for strategies and techniques that match and improve your leadership skills – without emulating traditional male strategies.

Maybe you want to reposition yourself in your company or successfully deal with difficult employees, customers or bosses. Or you are looking for goals that are more in line with your individual professional and personal ideas that you have for yourself and your family. You are looking for a balance between career and family.

  • Learn how to use your unique talent stack to beat the competition
  • Learn how it is possible to have a career in an unconventional way or without traditional behaviour
  • Learn how to assert yourself in negotiations
  • Learn to network the smart way
  • Learn how to minimise double burdens through delegation and agreements
  • Find your own mix of professional career and personal fulfilment

Coaching Topics for Female Leaders

Individual, intensive coaching can support you in achieving your personal and professional goals and in using your potential:

  • Development of your potential
  • Development of self-confidence and assertiveness
  • Development of decision-making and conflict skills
  • Increase of visibility in the company
  • Pursue and implement your own goals with determination
  • Dealing with advancement and challenges (promotion, company change, additional responsibility)
  • Dealing with changes in the company (restructuring, change processes, etc.)
  • Balance between career and family
  • Deal with emotions and find an appropriate expression
  • Dealing with internal conflicts

Individual coaching gives you the tools to develop yourself and to live your role authentically.