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I work with executives, entrepreneurs and high potentials to reach specific results. I offer immersion coaching, systemic constellations and personality training for professional success and personal fulfillment.

Volker Dammann, Executive Coach & Trainer

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  1. You face a decision

    You find it difficult making an important decision?  Exploring alternatives is complex and none of the options really feels good enough?  You are unable to implement a decision?

    In a coaching session you can analyze alternatives in a rational way.  Unconscious objections can be identified and considered. 

    Find coaching offers supporting complex decisions here.

  2. You need new ideas and perspectives

    You are looking to clarify difficult topics or unclear emotional reactions?  The situation is complex with multiple interests and players involved?   You need a sparring partner who understands your situation? 

    Coaching can provide you guidance to sort through the situation and develop a new perpective.

    Find coaching offers supporting finding new perspectives here.

  3. You find yourself in a conflict

    You find yourself in a personal conflict and need new ideas and support?  You would like to better understand and sort through your emotions and separate different layers of a conflict?

    Coaching can help you making the best out of the situation and optimize your personal impact.   Your coach can be a sparring partner who has only your best interest in mind.

    Find offers for conflict coaching here.

  4. You face a challenge

    You face a private or professional challenge? You want to prepare for something new or explore alternatives to deal with a difficult situation?

    Coaching can support you to bring your values and objectives to the table and live up to your strengths.

    Find offers for coaching regarding challenges here.

  5. You want to change your life

    Is your life (your career or your relationship, etc.) moving away from your objectives?  Something just does not feel right anymore?  You need real change?

    A personal coaching offers you inspiration to set new goals, change habits, remove emotional blockages and start new behaviors.

    Find coaching offers supporting sustainable personal change here.

  6. You would like to change your emotional reaction

    Would you like to feel differently in certain situations?  Do you fear doing something or are you afraid of a decision?  Do you want more freedom from your emotions?

    Coaching with NLP and systemic family constellations can remove unwanted emotional reactions.  You gain full power to lead your life the way you want – not limited by old emotions or triggered by past memories. 

    Find coaching offers supporting emotional change here.

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