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Breakthrough Coaching

Modern manager achieving insight through an emotional breakthrough

Breakthrough Coaching focuses on achieving powerful emotional breakthroughs that unlock your full potential. During such transformative sessions, we help you navigate and transcend emotional barriers, enabling you to lead your life with greater congruence, authenticity and courage.

Releasing the Hand Brake: Personal Breakthrough Coaching

Have you ever felt, that you need to release the brakes internally?  That it is time to cut through a Gordian knot?  To make a significant step and jump forward?

  • personal breakthrough can free your potential.  It enables you to set your life in the direction you want. You can achieve fast breakthroughs in fundamental issues.  This means visible change of your thinking and your emotions with the objective of enabling new actions and behavior.
  • breakthrough coaching is comprised of a single intensive one-on-one session. It facilitates your reorientation by applying the powerful tools of NLP, systemic constellations and timeline work.

Intensive Coaching – What Do You Want to Change in Your Life?

Coaching sessions are structured around your needs and topics. You decide which change you want. Maybe you are already very successful in some areas of your life, but are lagging in others.

Breakthrough coaching sessions enable fast progress.

A breakthrough coaching can address temporary dips in performance or motivation. You may also renew your basic motivation and direction in life areas such as partnership / profession or health.

Breakthrough sessions are also great for people who find themselves with personal issues they have been unable to resolve themselves. This entails identifying causes (e.g., difficult biographic experiences, a limiting self-concept, etc.) and finding solutions.

Breakthrough Coaching – Common Topics

  • Increasing motivation
  • Remove internal conflicts
  • Getting to action and results / overcoming procrastination
  • Removing self-sabotage programs -remove what is holding you back internally
  • Removing self-created stress
  • Increase your ability to engage in necessary conflicts
  • Changing your emotional reaction in key situations (e.g., public speaking / negotiations / dealing with difficult people)
  • Setting a new direction for your life

Can a breakthrough transform your life?

If you are committed to change your life, but something is holding you back, then you need a breakthrough.

Do you find yourself in similar problematic situations again and again, or keep repeating the same mistakes?
Do you keep thinking thoughts like the following statements?

  • I wish I could start … (doing / feeling / thinking something)
  • I wish I could stop …  (smoking / working excessively / avoiding certain tasks)
  • I just can’t let go of (this woman, this job,  etc.)
  • I don’t know why I behave like that again and again
  • I need to change this part of my life, but I just can’t do it … (although I know it is best for me)
  • I would like to change my emotion about … (job, partnership, etc.)

A breakthrough can enable you to transform your life!

How long does a breakthrough coaching session last?

The breakthrough coaching concept requires a concrete topic and willingness to change: You really want to face your issues! The emotional core of the issue is addressed. The coaching aims for significant changes in one appointment. I.e. it takes so long until an important step has been reached. Typically sessions last around 2-4 hours.

This includes:

  • Detailed discussion of your personal background, your situation, your targets, and your goals
  • Relevant intervention(s) (e.g., systemic constructivist coaching, NLP, systemic constellation work, inner child work, etc. )
  • Building a clear vision, what becomes possible based on the breakthrough