Boost Your Career

Young Professionals / Aspiring Leaders

Young male and young female professional - contemplating and considering options

Are you a young professional ready to unlock your capabilities and fast-track your career growth? Get tailor-made support to learn the tools and strategies to excel in leadership roles. Coaching can help you to tap into your unique strengths, develop your decision-making prowess and overcome obstacles and challenges.

Your Situation & Objectives

You are an ambitious young professional or junior executive, perhaps with international training and/or a few years management experience. You want to balance both your professional and personal goals and be authentic in what you do.

You are looking for a coach & mentor who understands your challenges. You are looking for someone to whom you can confidentially discuss your concerns in order to discuss them openly. You are looking for tips and mentoring from an experienced perspective.

Your Coaching Goals

As a young professional, you want to get off to a flying start: You want to reassess career options and make decisions about the next step. You want to improve your ability to convince at work and to show your skills. You may also want to learn to deal with setbacks and learn from difficult situations.

Maybe you want to reposition yourself in your company or successfully deal with difficult employees, customers or bosses. Or you are faced with a decision, perhaps a change to another company or an assignment abroad. You want to set new goals that are more in line with your individual professional and personal vision.

Topics: Coaching & Mentoring for Young Professionals

  • Career planning & decision-making – implement the right steps swiftly
  • Find an entry or promotion position – contribute your talents and work with exciting people
  • Find personal fulfilment – despite the demands of a demanding career step
  • Survive the competition – assert yourself against the competition
  • Getting started again after setbacks
  • Avoid career obstacles

Topics: Individualised Training for Young Professionals

  • Find your style – approaches to leadership and your personal leadership style
  • Mastering role changes – managing employees and leading teams
  • Get started in the new role – design the first 100 days
  • Assertiveness & management of conflicts
  • Increase of visibility in the company
  • Pursue and implement your own goals with emphasis and a sense of proportion
  • Dealing with advancement and challenges (promotion, company change, additional responsibility)
  • Dealing with conflicting goals
  • Dealing with stress – find your personal stress management strategy

Individual, intensive coaching can support you in achieving your personal and professional goals and in using your potential!