Success in the new Role / New country

Coaching for Expatriates and International Leaders

Expatriate Executive, Business Leader at the airport

Transitioning to a new country and adapting to a different work culture can be both exciting and challenging. You may find that some issues just would be easier to solve in your home country, where you know how to approach things and have an appropriate support network. Our coaching offers for expatriates support you to thrive professionally and personally in a germanic business environment.

Your Situation & Objectives

You are an expatriate or foreign national. You would like to take a fresh look at your professional or private situation, develop ideas for solving problems and adapt your communication style.

You are facing a challenge: Maybe you recently came to Germany, or you have been here for a while, but things didn’t work out as expected. Maybe you are looking for orientation in your new role and within the organization. Or you need support for leadership challenges or in dealing with cultural differences

You are looking for a coach with international experience who can empathise with your situation. You are looking for someone who can take on different cultural perspectives and support you in mastering special challenges. You are looking for a sparring partner who can support you in your interest.

Your Coaching Goals

You want to make your time in Germany successful – in your professional role and as a person. You are looking for strategies that match and expand on your leadership skills to be successful in your new role. They are looking for meaning beyond the typical expat lifestyle.

Coaching Topics for Expats & International Executives

Individual, intensive coaching can support you in achieving your personal and professional goals and in using your potential:

  • Mastering challenges: How can I successfully master difficult situations
  • Leading successfully: Leading teams in the other culture
  • Setting goals: Setting goals for the time abroad and the time afterwards
  • Confident in the organization: Navigating in a foreign organizational culture
  • Finding meaning: Finding meaning in work assignment abroad and outside of work
  • Finding balance: Juggling work, family and friends while on assignments abroad
  • Make decisions: Extend or move on
  • Prepare for the next step: Career planning for the return / the next challenge

Individual coaching gives you the tools to develop yourself and to live your role authentically.