Inner clarity and freedom through understanding larger contexts

Systemic Coaching

Systemic Coaching - Coaching for complex organisations - Coaching matrix structure

Individuals operate within a complex network of relationships, roles, organisational structures, and cultural norms. Systemic coaching explores how these interdependencies impact interpersonal dynamics, communication patterns, and performance of individuals and teams. Through the systemic lens, you can gain a deeper understanding of the underlying dynamics and make effective changes.

The individual as part of a larger context

To solve your topic, often a completely new look at the situation is required:

  • Many problems are less an expression of individual inadequacies, but are rather the result of a system dynamic from the interaction between people.
  • Systemic coaching and system constellations are about understanding yourself as an individual embedded in larger systems (organization / family etc.) and considering the dynamics of these systems.

This gives you new perspectives and solutions. Systems and their dynamics are changeable and can be influenced. Whether it is organizational, professional or family issues or you want to rethink your life situation – through systemic analysis you can shed new light on your concerns, gain a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of action and find starting points for new options for action.

Understanding the systemic relationships makes quantum leaps possible.

With the help of systemic coaching and system constellations you can find new perspectives. You can develop powerful new solutions and implement sustainable changes!

Systemic Coaching – Occasions

  • Complex situations
  • Relationships in organizations and families
  • Recurring problems
  • Inner & outer conflicts
  • Emotional blockages

Through coaching you can…

  • Understand system dynamics
  • Distinguish between system dynamics and your own contribution
  • Inner clarity
  • Shape relationships actively

Systemic solutions for different areas of life

Complex topics are particularly suitable for a systemic approach. By considering all influencing factors, previously unconscious variables come into view and you can find new solutions. There are suitable systemic coaching and constellation formats for different topics, which we can tailor to you and combine as required.

Many organizational, professional and personal issues can be effectively dealt with using family and system constellations.

Typical questions particularly suitable for systemic constellation work arise for executives in complex organisations and in family businesses:

Executives – Decision making in complex environments


  • Understand organisational dynamic
  • Complex power and influence dynamics
  • Conflicts / difficult team members and colleagues
  • Conflicts between parts of the company
  • Relationships with key stakeholders (customers / owners / board of directors / works council etc.)
  • Complex decisions (personnel / restructuring etc.)


  • Understand your own position better
  • Understand and proactively influence power dynamics
  • Solve conflicts
  • Simulation of complex decisions
  • Balancing conflicting interests proactively

Family businesses – Solving family related issues


  • Generation conflicts (e.g. father-son / parents-children etc.)
  • Sibling rivalries
  • Conflicts between family branches
  • Succession planning and business transfer
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Parental expectations
  • Relationship to other stakeholders (e.g. financial investors / lenders, management etc.)
  • Aftermath of old conflicts and events
  • Burdens from family and company history


  • Solve conflicts
  • Establish a balance between giving and taking
  • Find a good place for founders
  • Dealing with difficult family fates
  • Deal with non-family management effectively
  • Mutually plan for the future
  • Proactive balancing of different interests

Systemic coaching and system constellations – Our offer

On the basis of a deep systemic understanding, individual breakthroughs and successful organizational changes become possible. Reshaping relationships enables lasting improvements.

In addition to classic systemic procedures, we offer you system constellations or family constellations in individual coaching or in a group setting.

  • The individual setting is particularly suitable for managers and specialists as well as top decision-makers who want to clarify issues for themselves first.
  • The group setting offers deep learning from immersing oneself in a variety of topics and obtaining additional impulses from other stand-ins.

All topics can be discussed – personal, professional and organisational issues. Depending on the topic, different methods are used in order to process your individual request in the best possible way.

We offer the following formats:

Systemic Coaching

  • In individual coaching (on professional or private topics), we also cover systemic aspects as required. We work with systemic questioning techniques and system figures.

Constellations with Game Pieces

  • As part of individual coaching, we can use figure constellations for particularly complex systemic topics.
  • We also use figures to visualize team dynamics in team workshops. For this format workshops for small teams with up to 4 participants are suitable.

Open Constellation Seminars

  • These seminars are open to individuals – therefore very different topics are dealt with. This makes the Constellation Days a thematically and emotionally very rich experience.
  • In our open systemic constellation seminars, real people act as representatives in the constellations. This results in unexpected new insights.

In-house Seminars

  • We offer constellations for companies and organizations. We would be happy to set up company-specific constellation days or in-house organizational constellations for your company.
  • These seminars focus on teams (up to about 12 participants) – with the aim of exploring team dynamics and overarching issues.