What Our Clients Say

  • “Volker is a wizard. In the USA I had success with many coaches and Volker towers over them all. From the first session we made deep breakthroughs that had held me back for years. He has a wide range of tools and a flexibility to tackle any issue, whether personal or professional. In particular, Volker is an expert in the mind-body connection and always finds the true core of an issue. Volker has opened up the world to me and I am confident he can do the same for you and your business.”
Founder and CEO Red Ball Theater – English Improv in Budapest
  • “I wanted to get results quickly. And that worked: Since the breakthrough session we did last fall, I am dealing substantially different with my colleagues. Many thanks!”
Manager Corporate Development, 41 years, Frankfurt
  • “Thank you for the great coaching. Subsequently I generated a lot of ideas which helped me to increase my new business.”
Trainer (own business), 53 years, Frankfurt
  • “The exams so far have been very good. I do not have any motivational problems anymore. Our conversation has been of great help. Many thanks again.”
Student Business Administration, Oestrich-Winkel
  • “My inner self talk has changed substantially. Your coaching has really moved something.”
Director M&A, 34 years, Frankfurt
  • “I took my job situation in my hands after the coaching and can now better draw a line to my colleagues. On the private side also something changed. I broke up my relationship. Thank you very much that you had such a long talk about this with me. This was the right decision, since February I feel much better.”
Investment Banking Associate, 29 years, Frankfurt